Unexpected response: Knol comment #1

Posted on 31 August 2008

In an earlier blog posting I mentioned that I gave Google’s Knol project a shot and posted a short summary on Adobe Flex.

I was surprised when the first comment I received was more or less an attack, rather than an editing suggestion or discussion on the actual topic.
It would be sad if Google Knol turned out to be an unfortunate, formalized news group where the battle of ego’s just gets better search relevance.

The link to the Knol is below.

This is the comment received from one Michael Chaize:

Thank you for this wonderful summary… but please remove the three links that are obviously there to generate traffic and not to show what Adobe Flex. Aanval and Tactical Flex are not the best Flex RIA I’ve met on the web… Really! And I am pretty sure that the redactor Loyal Moses is involved in these 3 applications. It really removes the trust a reader can have in this article.

My response:

Thanks for your comments Michael, this is precisely what makes Knol a wonderful new system. 

Regarding Tactical FLEX, it is of course my company and Aanval is one of our products. Aanval was recently converted to Adobe Flex from primarily a PHP/AJAX architecture within the last several months, thus the reason for our excitement with the technology. 

Anywhere.FM is simply a good example of Flex at work. There are as you already know, many good examples of Flex products and services, and this is why I included the Flex.org link to the very popular showcase. 

I do have to point out, that the Knol does not in any form imply or make claims that any of the links or content provided is “the best” as you mentioned above. This is simply false. 

As for trust, Google Knol is exciting as it provides a mechanism for perspective on topics while providing credibility through verification. I am in fact Loyal Moses, and as such, readers should know that although I attempt to remain as objective as possible, I do however have opinions, likes and dislikes and enjoy speaking of them. 

To be fair, you might disclose that you currently work for Adobe (pre sales). I cannot speak for everyone, but I am sure we all look forward to your perspective on Flex from an internal point of view.“

The apparently offensive Knol on Adobe Flex:

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