Flex is alive, very alive!

Posted on 07 October 2008

And this may only be the beginning.

For quite some time now; the phone and email box have been very much alive and thriving with requests for Flex and AIR consulting engagements.

I am not at all surprised, as the technology speaks for itself — but clearly there is professional service work to be done.

More and more as Flex emerges from the depths of its niche following, organizations are becoming more aware of the impact it may have on their core business, employees, customers and clients.

An important task for those of us who promote the use of Flex (when it fits), is to ensure that our clients understand the full range of its benefits.

Rich Internet Applications (“RIA”)’s, Mashups, and Web Services are only a small selection of the capabilities. One of the strengths that I see clients most interested in, is the core business components of Flex such as the datagrid and wide selection of other listing components.

Even the viewstack, strange enough seems to be of large interest. Not to mention desktop applications by way of AIR.

Recently a colleague of mine called me a princess, yes a princess for refusing to build new projects in older languages. Being so finicky may make me a princess, but I prefer to spend my hours developing in a cutting edge language, creating state of the art applications any day.

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