No BlackBerry, the iPhone 3G S and I are only friends!

Posted on 12 June 2009

BlackBerry 8703eWell BlackBerry 8703e, you’ve been good to me. It’s been a few years now, your display is scratched, your battery isn’t quite what it used to be, we’ve reloaded a few times but for the most part, you’ve been a great device and I’ve enjoyed the companionship.

An Apple fan, without an iPhone. What the?!

When the original iPhone was released back in 2007, as an Apple fan (not the slobbering Steve Jobs obsessed type) I was obviously excited about the device, but couldn’t give up the BlackBerry because many of the applications I used daily were not available on the iPhone. Password management, SSH client and TeleNav are only a few of the reasons that kept me from switching.

The Apple App Store changed things.

In 2008, the iPhone 3G became much more attractive and went immediately on my short list when the App Store was released. However, because the newness of the original iPhone had warn off, I wasn’t in any hurry to drop my family phone provider and jump to AT&T — The BlackBerry is a work horse and was serving me well.

Time flies.

2009 snuck up on me and of course all of the buzz surrounding a “new” iPhone couldn’t be ignored and it ultimately was enough pressure to to allow thoughts of provider switching, to enter my mind.


No, not the “doubt” definition of reservations. With the announcement of the iPhone 3G S at WWDC ’09 I finally caved and may now be numbered soon among the owners of the “fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.”. The new phone is reserved at the nearest Apple store and I have exactly one week for my BlackBerry to convince me otherwise, or cave completely and resign itself to the darkness of the old phone drawer.

… and yes, that picture above is the 8703e that I will so dearly miss if it can’t produce a strong argument.


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