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Posted on 23 June 2009

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Snort is the worlds most popular signature based network intrusion detection and prevention engine available today.

Snort is an open source project managed by Sourcefire, Inc.

Details and the official Snort website are available at:

Those who are not yet fully familiar with Snort may not know that in order to really take advantage of the engine, an interface or console is necessary for the viewing, reporting and / or managing of sensors and intrusion data.

Interfaces are a plenty and range from web-based solutions which are free, to dedicated desktop applications which can quite easily exceed $50,000 or more.

The popularity of Snort among small businesses has grown quite significantly over the past few years, however because of limited budgets and other fiscal restraints these markets are rather largely ignored by a good portion of Snort related product vendors.


Aanval is a comprehensive intrusion detection and correlation console designed specifically for Snort and Syslog. Aanval 5 is the latest iteration of Aanval built upon 5 years of strong success along with a new and advanced graphical user interface.

When creating Aanval ( more than 5 years ago, we envisioned a console that allowed for storage and searching of huge data sets, advanced reporting and real time alerting — all designed specifically for the small to medium sized business budget.

Aanval 5 is the most powerful and feature rich version of Aanval to date and exceeds all of our original visions.


Today’s global fiscal situation makes cost effective Snort solutions even more relevant than ever before. Security budgets are tightening, alternative solutions are being sought after and all the while some of these organizations refuse to offer concessions or cost reductions to aid these small and medium sized organizations in finding solutions to protect their environments.

These freely available tools (those relating to Snort) in my biased opinion don’t offer the features, functionality or professional resources to be used effectively in a business environment. As inviting as this statement is for an argument, it’s the reason I believe organizations of all sizes continue to make Aanval a permanent part of their network security architecture.

Each week I find myself listening to foreign and domestic businesses frustrated with over-priced competing solutions that in their words are almost ridiculously out of touch with budget reality.

One particular challenge that we’ve had over the years is helping our potential customers understand that a price tag is just that, a price tag. Perceived value in the market place is critical, but puffed-up costs shouldn’t be aimed like a loaded cannon at investigating organizations as the “incentive” to purchase.


Aanval’s licensing costs are extremely competitive, easy to understand and bring some balance back to the industry.

License purchase and pricing:

More information on Aanval 5


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