Make $300 a day and get 20,000 followers!

Posted on 03 July 2009

Stop! Seriously please, enough. We’re smarter than you think.

If you hadn’t guessed, this isn’t a posting on how to actually make any money, but more my personal rantings on the topic.

Here we go…

If you were honestly working 4 hours a week and making money as an Internet marketing entrepreneur then why would you be diluting your market by giving your ‘secrets’ away?

The truth being that “make money” schemes and lazy work ethics are super hot right now, especially while the economy is as unstable as it is and it’s quite easy to convince a few hundred suckers to follow you down this road.

The reason SPAM continues to be a problem is because it works. Regardless of whether it ends up in our inbox or Twitter client you ultimately wish for certain destruction to fall upon these evil-doers… I do. 😉

I absolutely have no doubt that one or even possibly two people have actually made $300 a day on Twitter and have successfully migrated their lifestyle to the ominous 4-hour work week. Great, good for you… well, good for the both of you.

The cheesy videos, the followers whose bio includes “Internet marketer”, the direct messages about 4-hour work… you get the point. It’s all a bit silly and I am hoping this is just one giant phase that will disappear like Tupperware parties. Oh — they didn’t disappear. Crap.

Why is it working? Simple, someone is clicking on their stinking’ links!

How do we stop it / them? Stop clicking the pathetic make $$$ tweet links, their Google Analytics will begin to suffer and they’ll eventually go back to their day job and give up on Twitter dreams and this lazy lifestyle concept that seems to have taken over our generation.

Long blog short. If we all ignore them, they’ll go away. But it takes all of us to do it. Just curious clicking is enough to bump their tracking statistics enough to keep them salivating.


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