Restart? What…

Posted on 10 January 2010

Thanks a lot Intel! — Well, okay… there isn’t any rational logic here, but I’m still going to blame them for needing to reboot after something as trivial as a Safari update on OS X.

Prior to Intel my Mac’s were loaded with IBM PowerPC G4 and G5 processors and a reboot was NEVER necessary (it seemed)…

The anti-Apple crew will tell you this isn’t true (because they didn’t use them… because they cost too much. 😉 ), but ask any long time Mac user, and they’ll tell you the same. PowerPC processors and the iterations of Panther and Tiger were absolutely amazing when it came to stability and uptime.

The need to reboot after an update is eerily similar to repressed memories of Microsoft Windows, and I completely understand that logically it can’t be directly tied to Intel processors… but it helps by giving me someplace to direct my frustrations.

Apple did an amazing job porting an entire mainstream OS from IBM to Intel architecture, in total secrecy I might add. And in fact, they are the only OS vendor to have successfully accomplished such a feat up to this point.

With all of that aside, IMHO, Intel it is your fault that I have to close 20 some-odd applications and dozens of windows so your chip can rest a few moments…


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