A near mirror of my thoughts on Facebook

Posted on 07 May 2010

This year, my last few speaking engagements have had a good portion of Facebook related content… I expressed my lack of interest in Facebook due only to the simple fact that the Internet is more a tool or utility for me and less a social medium.

Some might have noticed that I do use Twitter on a pretty regular basis; I can defend against social network hypocrisy accusations as I use Twitter much like any instant messaging client. Twitter for me is tool that allows me to follow notable individuals and the happenings of my industry as well as communicate my likes / dislikes in a very informal manner. Much like I said above, Twitter for me is more of a tool or utility than a social medium.

moving on…

This WIRED article caught my attention; and nearly mirrors my exact thoughts on the service regarding control, manipulation and power over data. If you caught a few of my more recent speaking tracks, you’ll easily identify the parallels.




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