iPhone 4 with Real Racing

Posted on 23 June 2010

Wanted to drop a quick thank you to Alex at Firemint for providing a promotional code for Real Racing…

I put together a quick little video recorded from a 3GS of some game play of Real Racing on the new iPhone 4. It’s pretty basic and I apologize in advance for the horrible glare and reflections… I am definitely not a cinematographer and my lack of natural ability in this theater is quite obvious.

Essentially, if you can’t say something nice… well, your mother probably told you the rest.

I’ve been told this will be the first gaming video on the iPhone 4, so ha! 😉


4 responses to iPhone 4 with Real Racing

  • Paul says:

    I hate racing games on the iPhone so hard to steer compared to a proper game controller.

  • Bob says:

    You can change the settings to use the pop up steering wheel instead of the Tilt. Way better IMHO.

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