First flight lesson out of the way…

Posted on 20 May 2011

What an absolutely beautiful day in Seattle to get my first hour of flight under the belt in a Cessna 172p. 65 degrees, blue skies and not a cloud for miles.

All of those hours I thought I had wasted playing in flight simulators paid off as we took off from Boeing Field, headed north for a quick touch-and-go at Paine Field, then turned out over Puget Sound to eventually land back at Boeing Field.

Running through the pre-flight checklist.

I was busy focusing on that giant piece of earth coming at the windshield, while a buddy snapped a picture. That is Boeing Field in south Seattle, WA.

This is a snapshot of Paine Field in Everett, WA during our touch-and-go, before heading back to Boeing Field. Note all of the Boeing 787’s parked about.

Had an excellent time and a great instructor. There will definitely be more of this in the near future.



1 Response to First flight lesson out of the way…

  • Peter Erkamp says:

    I bet this learning how to fly is all part of some elaborate attempt to not have to go through the full body scanner at the airport! In time you will just hop in your own Boeing and fly around the world from your own stretch of runway! That would be cool in any case!

    Cool pics!

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