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Posted on 26 July 2011

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A/V Addiction

I mentioned in a few earlier blog posts that I recently began dabbling in the audio / video world. Amongst my dabbling, a few of my first purchases happen to be an M-Audio Fast Track Pro and a set of KRK Rokit studio monitor speakers. Initially connecting and setting up the new device was simple, but brought with it a challenge of identifying a confusing (for me) static / noise that was heard over everything played through the device.

Getting to the point; The purpose behind this post is to hopefully help anyone who might run into the same problem I did when installing the M-Audio Fast Track Pro on Mac OS X 10.6.8, specifically an i7 3.4Ghz iMac.

(my setup on the right)


Upon connecting the USB interface for the M-Audio device and installing the appropriate device drivers for OS X (these change the default behaviour of the audio sub-system), each of the Rokit studio monitors were emitting static and noise during any and all audio playback.

Re-installing had no positive effect and all static was limited to audio playback through the M-Audio device.


Opening the M-Audio Preference pane (OS X System Preferences) and deselecting all but the first option, cured the static / noise problem completely. In my case it turned out to be a simple driver / compatibility problem that was remedied with a little configuration change. A screenshot is included below that shows the only option enabled being the “Outputs 1 & 2 (balanced and unbalanced)”.

M-Audio Fast Track Pro System Preferences

I hope this finds usefullness for someone. I had absolutely no luck finding a solution anywhere else online including the M-Audio forums, which unfortunately included instructions to return the device. Fortunately for me, it was a simple fix. Only took a few minutes of experimentation to find it.



5 responses to Hope for others… M-Audio Fast Track Pro

  • alvaro says:

    I set the 16bit option besides the 24bit, and works for me, and you can use all the outputs and inputs as well, i hope m audio fix this problem soon.

  • Kenneth Bitz says:

    Thanks for sharing this experience and new knowledge. Good to know.

  • Dallas says:

    I cannot access the setting for my device in Mac 10.6.8 system preferences. Any advice?

  • JeanMarc says:

    Thanks man! I was almost trowing my fast audio pro to the bloody highway 🙂

  • C418 says:

    Thank you, I was about to give this device directly back to where I ordered it. Ridiculous that the standard options give out static.

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