Aanval v7 Released!

Posted on 11 February 2012

Aanval Snort and Syslog SIEM

Aanval v7 is available for download, free usage, commercial purchase and just all around good times.

We are excited, quite proud and very, very tired. Take a look (links below).

Remember, Aanval v7 as with previous releases of Aanval continues to support the Information Security and Snort communities by allowing users to use it freely with 1 Snort and / or 1 Syslog sensor for an unlimited amount of time in both personal and commercial environments.

If you are not yet using Aanval, or do not know much about it, the following is a short description of the product, otherwise you are free to visit the Aanval website and see it for yourself.

“Aanval is the industry’s leading Snort and Syslog SIEM (“Security Information and Event Management”) console. Government security and defense organizations from more than a half dozen countries, educational institutions from around the world, global financial organizations as well as space exploration and military weapons manufacturers rely upon Aanval as a part of their security infrastructure.”

Aanval Screenshots and Product Details


I am positive that many of you have questions about this new release. It is by far the largest update we’ve made to Aanval in its 9 years on the market. It was many, many months in the making as we re-wrote much of the code from scratch, ultimately tossing Adobe Flash to the side and focusing back on standards based HTML and Javascript.

A few of Aanval v7’s highlighted changes:

» No more Adobe Flash!
» 100% HTML and Javascript
» Of course, an all new look and feel (a throwback and very similar to v3)
» Completely re-written codebase
» Supports multi-machine architecture deployments
» New BPU system provides as much as 10x the performance of Aanval v6
» New user message notification bar
» New scrolling event data notification bar
» New Google Maps Geo Location / integration
» New real-time events per second, per hour and day displays
» New console-wide consistent event display renderers
» New Tag system allows default or custom tags to be added to events
» New Frequent Tags display
» New Frequent Sensors display
» Added signature details within event detail display
» Reports are available in HTML, XML and Text

Aanval v7 Release FAQ

We put a small FAQ available to list some of the changes in the new release as well as included some screenshots on the main Aanval product page. We’ll be updating the FAQ to help answer any questions that arise over the next few weeks.


Aanval Website



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