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Posted on 27 April 2014

This week is pretty exciting…

So up until this point, I hadn’t decided which brand of circuitry was going to power the property. Outback Power Systems was always at the top of the list, but I hadn’t decided if I was going to go with the Radian or FX series inverters / controllers.

Last week, I made a few more phone calls and decided to go with VFX3648’s as well as FlexMax 80 charge controllers, the Hub10 and Mate2.

Our first iteration will be quad VFX’s with 48v strings of 6v batteries. Providing roughly 14,400 watts. The end game is eight VFX’s which of course puts us around 28 to 29,000 watts of continuous output, with solar panels as the primary float and the 30,000 watt diesel generator as backup float, as well as to run any shop equipment, etc.

Keep in mind, the average house has 200 amp service from the utility district and we are looking at a system that will provide 200 to 250 amps.

The first of the devices shows up this coming week, which means shortly, the diesel generator will be running quite a bit less and after the PV array is installed, the generator will nearly never run.

As it stands right now, while building / working on the property, the diesel generator is producing around 250 amps for 16 hours a day, while we may be only using 15 to 30 of that depending on if the well pump is running, etc. Not good for such a big generator to be basically idling for that many hours each day.

Fuel isn’t so bad, burns around 1/2 gallon of diesel an hour or more. So an average day runs about $32 in diesel.

When the VFX’s are installed, along with the battery bank, running the generator will charge the batteries and auto-start / stop the generator as needed. Next after that is the solar PV array, which will then keep the batteries topped off all day, and batteries will run everything during the dark hours with the generator auto-start if necessary.

Power independence is just weeks away. Take that! PUD.


Outback VFX3648 flexware quad

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